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We build DataStore for Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision Deep Learning Analytics Solutions

Axstrm is a data services and solutions company focused on building data stores for computer vision, deep learning, artificial intelligence, and analytics solutions.

Our decades of experience in handling huge analytical datasets comes in handy to scrub, validate and prep huge datasets for ML/DL training and decision making. We help customers take the ideas to proof of concepts and proof of concepts to marketable products.

We play an active role in the open source community to develop next level of data driven technologies.

Highlights of What we do,

Build data stores for AI

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We build massive data stores for building deep learning models

Ideas into Proof of Concepts

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We convert your ideas into reality with quick proof of concepts and prototypes

POCs to Marketable products

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Keeping your vision as key, with our reputation to deliver things and go-to-market strategies, we make marketable products from proof of concepts

Data Visualizations

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We make data insights accessible to decision makers with context sensitive data displays

Take FoundationDB to mainstream

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We have been using FoundationDB as our go-to database for our custom data stores and actively contributing to FoundationDB community
Read more on axstrm FoundationDB AMIs

Market ready AI solutions

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We have pre-packaged or can build, customizable micro-service AI solutions for your enterprise

Highlights of What we did

We helped a Swim AI company to solve the statistical mysteries of the pool swimming's laps, splits, stroke count, velocity and much more by using widely beneficial scientific advances ever made in AR and CV

Artificial Intelligence in Sports

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We generated Image based ML models to perform object classification and identification for an Automobile service company to detect scratches/dents in Cars automatically

Computer Vision in Automobiles

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We deployed ML based Rules Engine in a huge commercial Printing company to route the orders to available Sites and Stations in real-time for smooth processing

Machine Learning in Printing

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We incorporated Infrared and Depth Cameras to track angles of human body and generated CV Models for an aspiring Sports related product use cases

Deep Learning in Sports

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We generated variety of datastores for calculating, analysing and visualizing the PV data captured from Commercial and Residential Solar systems for a Florida based and Japanese based Solar company respectively

Solar Data Store

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